Stump Removal

Stumps are an eyesore in an otherwise beautiful yard. Tree stumps can also be a hazard in commercial parking lots as well as in your residential yard and driveway. You may need to remove the debris in order to keep your car safe when you back out of your driveway. You may also need to remove an old stump that has rotted and poses a tripping risk for your children playing in your yard.  Sometimes, insects may even infect the wood and use it to spread infection to nearby healthy trees.

Another challenge arises when you attempt to remove a stump with long roots. The age, type and size of the tree can influence the difficulty of stump removal. Our professionals have years of experience in every situation. We will have your stump gone in no time with no hassle for you.

At Custom Outdoor Designs we also give you a free consultation and assessment. Our stump removal service is quick and efficient with friendly professionals that will leave you with a stump-free and pristine yard. Here at Custom Outdoor Designs our on-site bucket truck as well as a chipper, shredder and stump grinder make sure the job gets done right. This means that our experts are able to quickly remove your wood debris and leave your yard looking brand new and hazard free.

Let us give your yard the “TLC” it needs and give us a call today!